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I started my creativity many years ago with sketches and paintings, featuring in the slide show  is a hand portrait (in water colours) a desert island (in oil paints) cliffs in the sky (in watercolours) Spiral (in acrylic Paint) Sunset (in watercolours) sea and cliffs (in watercolours and acrylic paints) Tree (in oil paints) abstract bird flying (in Oil paints)

Over the years I developed an interest in photography, and with the introduction of Photoshop I continued to express my creativity with PhotoArts in the slide show, abstract park city scape and skyline view, Abstract London Sunset black cab and cityscape silhouette, abstract London Eye wheel, abstract flower bush and rose pop art.

Digital Doodle arts are creations I made using apps and Nintendo Art Academy featuring in the slide show Dancers skirt in neon (app) abstract plant (app) Meadow (N Art Academy) windmill (N Art Academy) Doodles (app) digital still life wood dolphins with heart (Samsung Galaxy Tab)

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